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Onward to Turkey

by Zach

After the previous day’s incredibly hard ride, I fell right to sleep after arriving in Tbilisi. Mozes met me the next morning and we spent the day outside of Gori (Lenin’s Birthplace) in an ancient cave town. All in all, our 150km test ride was successful, and we resolved to leave Tbilisi the following day…

The Caucasus

by Zach

Immediately after hearing that the Georgian border would be closed for a significant period of time, I researched alternative options and ultimately concluded that Azerbaijan was the best way to proceed. I applied for the visa through a travel agency, and received a prompt response–yes, it was possible to obtain the visa quickly, but given…


by Zach

After writing my last post from the hotel in Omsk, I packed up my stuff and prepared to depart for Chelyabinsk.  My plans took a drastic turn when I saw two guys wearing Harley Davidson vests in the lobby.  We looked at each other silently for a minute before they approached.  “Are you the biker…

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

by Zach

  • Posted on June 16, 2016

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On June 6th, it was time to leave China.  Along with my guide (a legal requirement for foreigners operating motor vehicles in the border region), I headed to the Kashgar Customs office to pick up my customs report.  After the obscenely large packet of papers had been stamped, checked, and checked again, we headed off…